Stage 2 Health Studies

Earlier in the year, the Stage 2 Health Studies class looked into a complex and often little understood issue of Indigenous Health. They went to the Flinders University Museum of Art and took a deep dive into the way artists use artwork to tell stories and communicate their feelings and history. Students found this insightful and impactful, and this learning was documented in their task.

We then visited Colebrook Reconciliation Part at Blackwood. Here, students listened to stories of mothers, families, and communities who had lost their children in the years of the Stolen Generation. The children themselves also told of their removal and new life away from Country, people and culture. This experience was much more impactful than students thought it would be. It added to their understanding and knowledge about the initial and ongoing impact of this time and policy. Indigenous health has at worst, been deliberately impacted upon by others, and at best not supported appropriately.

We now are living with these results and understand that things need to change. Hopefully with a new knowledge and understanding, this generation will be able to reduce harm and increase understanding, compassion and support to improve these dreadful statistics and situations for our communities.