Sustainable Futures

Term 4 sees the Sustainable Futures Central Study finalising the second, ‘Ocean’s Alive’ module before turning our sights to the ever-popular Earth Summit.

Connecting with the UN Sustainable development goals of Life below water and Climate action, Ocean’s Alive has been a whirlwind of learning centred around the ongoing effects of human activity on our environment, particularly our oceans. Students explored the rise of the environmental movements in Australia – analysing stakeholders’ perspectives, relationships, and motivations and analysed a range of texts from climate reports and speeches, through to popular songs to determine how the use of particular language and stylistic features in these texts make lasting impacts on their audiences. Finally, students delved into the chemistry of ocean acidification and it’s on going impacts on calcareous marine life forms such as corals and pteropods, preparing for future chemistry studies by titrating sea water to find the pH.

Classes have rotated through these units over the 6-week progression, but we will see this module conclude mid-Week 4 this term, moving back to a more globalised analysis of the ongoing effect of human impact from the perspective of a given country, thus building our student’s Learner Attributes of Analytical Thinking, Community and Humanitarianism.