Harmony Day & NDAABAV

Harmony Day and The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence was acknowledged at the ASMS again this year. In the past, we have emphasised Harmony Day where “everyone belongs”, but as we are a senior secondary school, the Stage 2 Health class (along with Frank the ASMS’s Youth Worker) thought that March 21 needed to be looked at with more adult eyes. Hence the shift in focus.

Students researched the reason for the significance and history of the March 21 (see above). They developed a pre-event survey about the student cohorts’ understanding of these “days”. Our students also collaborated to make some activities to raise awareness of these “days” and made resources, asked staff to be involved, advertised the activities, and sought feedback from the post-event survey. Activities included a colour run, word searches and crosswords, learn a language (7 offered), Kahoots and quizzes, world music, and henna.

With each activity, Stage 2 Health students provided information to raise awareness about why these days are important and possible actions that could be taken by students to help improve outcomes and reduce the incidence of bullying and violence. Student data from these surveys indicated that the school cohort’s knowledge about bullying and violence and its destructive effects was improved after the events were conducted. The real test will be if the number of incidents reduce in the school and students feel even safer than before March 21. Time will tell…