Principal’s Update

New Semester, new students, new beginnings: With the start of a new semester, ASMS welcomes new Year 10 and international students eager to embark on their ASMS journeys. With all Central Studies starting anew we offer fresh opportunities for growth, learning, and community building.


NAIDOC Week, which first began in 1975, provides an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Nations cultures and histories and participate in celebrations of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth. At our assembly on Monday David Cowen spoke about this year’s theme chosen by the NAIDOC Committee: Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud & Proud. The theme honours the enduring strength and vitality of First Nations culture – with fire a symbol of connection to Country, to each other, and to the rich tapestry of traditions that define Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We hope our students enjoy the celebrations planned for the week.


As the end of term draws near and the new semester starts, we’d like to ensure you’re aware of the following:

We are delighted to welcome back:

Please join me in welcoming our new staff member:

Daniel Simons will be teaching in Roxby Downs AS for term 3 and we expect he will be back with us in Term 4.

This week we farewell Michael Santucci who has been staffing the reception desk for the last three terms; we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

On Friday we farewell Sophie Braun as she goes on maternity leave for semester 2 2024 and semester 1 2025. Amanda Brook will be the Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Learner Analytics Leader in Sophie’s absence and Marcus Robers will be the Innovative Pedagogies Leader behind Amanda.

Jason Backler (Innovative Tertiary Pathways) and Sarah Hollinshead (Interdisciplinary Technologies) have had their leadership contracts renewed for one more year i.e. 2025.

Student Reports: During the holidays families will receive student reports indicating the progress they have made thus far this year, emphasising the students’ role and reflections as a learner. Within these documents there are many thoughtful and insightful comments and, while grades serve as one measure of academic performance, they do not capture the full spectrum of an individual’s abilities, or readiness for their future. We believe that prioritising learning and reflection encourages a more comprehensive and meaningful educational experience.

Kylie Eggers,