New Central Study for ASMS Year 10 & 11 Students

Terra Knowing is running for the first time this semester. The new Central Study delves deeply into the role science plays in informing and improving land management in Australia. Alongside this, the focus will also be on innovation, design and development of new technologies to address issues and problems faced by those on the land.  

Students have begun the semester by exploring the relationship Indigenous Peoples developed with the land, the technologies they developed and their struggle to achieve recognition in this country.

Next term will begin with Earth Sciences, exploring weather, soils and processes critical to food production before students identify an issue, they wish to research deeply in order to identify a problem around which they can develop a new process or technology that can alleviate the issue. Students will be presenting their solutions and obtaining feedback on their feasibility next term.

The Terra Knowing logo is based on images from the Jack Hills in Western Australia, location of the oldest terrestrial rocks on Earth at 4.4 billion years old.