Diffusion & Osmosis in Year 12 Biology

In Year 12 Biology, students are learning about cell membrane transport processes such as diffusion and osmosis. 

Day 1 – we dissolved the shells off of 3 eggs using acetic acid (vinegar)

Day 2 – Hello shell-less eggs!

Day 3 – Egg A was submerged into water, Egg B was submerged into pure glucose (corn syrup), Egg C was submerged into a highly concentrated salt solution

Day 6 – Egg A was turgid, bloated! Egg B underwent crenation (shrunken/wrinkled). Egg C was supposed to shrink but it bloated.

Results? The passive transport of water through the egg’s outer cell membrane, moving towards the area of high solute concentration is why Egg A became bloated and Egg B shrunk. This is a simple kitchen biology experiment that can be done at home… give it a try!