School Facilities Update

Students and staff were in for a pleasant surprise when they entered our site on the first day of Term 2 as they found that a few of the key upgrades to the school were completed and ready to use.

Our ICT space is now located upstairs, and we have a new heat and eat facility in the same area for our students to utilise to prepare their lunches. The façade of the school also features a new garden plot, which will add some much-needed greenery to the entry area. Our Lumination VR lab is nearly complete and will be ready for our students to benefit from in the coming weeks as well.

Our building works are continuing, with the final works scheduled to be completed mid-June. Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding during this time. We are nearly at the end, with the last few weeks concentrating on our reception/external/front door entrance, ground floor kitchen, and finalising the tiered seating, front stairwell, studio wet spaces. Unfortunately, at different times, this is going to impact on where we can enter and exit our school safely.

From Week 3 onwards the following is scheduled to take place:

Thank you again for your ongoing understanding as our build moves into its final stages of completion.