Company of the Future in DDD

Our Dream Design Develop students have just finished their personal venture where they have gained the skills and knowledge needed for their chosen job of the future.

From here, our students are moving into their last unit of Dream Design Develop called Company of the Future. In groups of three, students will need to create a company that maximises their skills and knowledge from their jobs that also meets the criteria of making the world a better place.

The Australian Science & Mathematics School were lucky to host several guest speakers who are experts in their field of social entrepreneurism.

First up, we had Wendy Perry, who is the Entrepreneurship Facilitator from Switch Start Scale who spoke about the skills and capabilities needed for jobs of the future.

After that, Liz Sanders, Co-Founder & Manager from The Food Embassy spoke about the community connection to food as well as the importance of sustainability in the food industry.

Next, we had Suzanne Thompson from Soul Archaeology, who talked about her program that works with parents, carers, educators, and students to shift behaviour through meditation practise.

Then our Dream Design Develop students heard from Johnathan Hart from Down to Earth Events which is a business that provides event services to ensure the correct waste ends up in landfill.

Finally, the cohort heard from Tashania, Marley, and Amalia from In2Ed Africa, who have a range of sustainable enterprises that are transforming communities in Kenya and Rwanda.

Our students also had the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from these business people to prepare them for starting their own company.