Guest Speakers & Excursions in Body In Question

Wow, have we been busy in our Health Choice classes this term!

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science students were very privileged to welcome Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist 2022 Kristina Jenni Clonan to ASMS as part of the Olympics Unleashed program. We learned about Kristina’s athletic journey, their perspectives on building resilience, how to set and achieve goals, and the process of discovering your passions. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn and by inspired to be the best they can be – whether that’s in school, at home, or on the sporting field.  We are so thankful to have had Kristina Jenni Clonan take the time to visit our students.


Nutrition students have combined the topics of biology, chemistry and psychology to develop and understanding of macro and micronutrients and how these can affect the human body. Students also investigated the nutritional content and energy contained in various food in laboratory practicals. We also welcomed Professor Nick Spencer from Flinders University (College of Medicine and Public Health), teaching us about the gut-brain axis and our body’s microbiome which linked the concepts studied in Comm Sys (neurophysiology) and Body as a Machine in BIQ. Feedback from students has been extremely positive.

I have learnt so much more than I expected and I am changing my eating patterns as a direct result from what I have learnt.

Alana, Year 10 Student


Reproduction students explored the Flinders Anatomy Museum, examining the structure of a wide variety of preserved body specimens. They also went to the Adelaide Zoo, learning about the Panda Artificial Insemination Breeding Program and other programs designed to prevent animal species extinction.


Psychology students went up to Flinders Uni to hear from a panel of speakers including Lydia Woodyatt (Associate Professor College of Education, Psychology and Social Work) helping them choose a problem to solve for their Health Campaign.

Please ask your young person what they are enjoying the most in their Health Choice class this term!