Parenting teens

A very successful Parent Information Evening was held in week 5. Under our new Youth Worker Frank’s guidance, parents were reassured that much of the behaviour they are noticing at home is actually quite appropriate developmental adolescent behaviour, and they were given information on when to worry and how to approach this. The Q&A session provided parents with the chance to ask general questions, and after the session conclusion parents had the opportunity to talk individually with staff about their child. Parent feedback was very positive with some great suggestions for future sessions.

It made me aware that some aspects of behaviour are normal and what I thought were concerning really weren’t. It made me aware to the more serious aspects such as social media and the pandemic and the affects they may be having.

It was helpful to see the comparison between normal behaviour and things to worry about.

At the event, a number of parents expressed interest in learning more about social media and its impact on their child. is a fantastic resource (and it’s Australian!) with a wealth of information and tips about a range of different topics related to parenting teenagers. Click here for information on the website specifically about social media and teenagers.

When your family needs support

The Department for Education’s website has a page dedicated to providing information and links for families in need of support:

Furthermore, some may be interested in the following information for young carers that we have been asked to bring to your attention:

• Carers SA Australia
• Young Carers Network resources