ASMS Debating for 2023

The art of debating thrived in the halls of ASMS throughout 2023, fostering intellectual fervour and critical thinking among students. Engaging in spirited discourse on topics ranging from implementing UBI in Australia to denying the World Economic Forum’s push to eat bugs, the ASMS debaters Yae, Layla, Jet, Tomasz, Sam, Jess, Molly and Elysia showcased their eloquence and analytical prowess.

Additionally, more than half the debaters were there for the first time, with three Year 10s debating at Senior Level, which is normally reserved for Year 11s and 12s.

The ASMS Debating team proved itself a fighting force amongst SA Debating, just narrowly not making the finals.

These debates helped to empower students to confidently express their ideas and broaden their perspectives in the pursuit of knowledge.