Principal’s Message

The ASMS end of 2021 has arrived and our year 12 students completed their final assessments for Stage 2 SACE, our Year 10 & 11’s completed their tasks for Central Studies and staff have compiled the Semester 2 Reports. Plans are that our Student Reports will be on the ASMS Portal Friday 10th Dec and you will also receive a copy in the mail before Christmas. Our Year 12 students will receive a copy of their Reports and their Graduation Certificate at our Presentation Night on 24th November.

We have finished up our school year on an energetic note, with our Earth Summit, Frankenfest and Nude-Food Picnic. There is also a small group going to Heron Island to be involved in some field science and have been in-training for their aquatic adventure, unfortunately the weather hasn’t been all that kind to them so lets hope it’s warmer in Queensland for their trip.

I’ll take this opportunity to say my farewell. I have had the privilege of being a member of the ASMS community since April 2002 and have loved every minute of my time in the school. I never cease to be amazed by what our students do and how supportive and inclusive they are of all in our community. I wish Kylie Eggers all the very best in her new role as ASMS Principal, I know our school is in very good hands to go onto to do even more extraordinary things together for the benefit of each and everyone of our students. I look forward to observing the achievements of the ASMS community!

The 2022 school year commences on Monday 31st January when the school will welcome students back to school! For now though, there is some very much deserved time to relax and rejuvenate. 

Take care & keep safe