The Energy Equation Term 1

In this Central Study, students will be exploring the Big Idea of ‘Energy’. The connecting theme of The Energy equation is underpinned by an understanding of sources and methods of generating energy, coupled with an analysis of the drivers, benefits and drawbacks of using fossil fuels, nuclear and sustainable energy types.

The energy equation is split into 3 modules;

First up for this term is Burn the World where we endeavour to understand what energy is, how it is transformed and measured. We utilise catapults to undertake mathematical modelling and use quadratic equations to predict a projectile’s motion. This will culminate in a Siege the castle, practical-based maths skills and assessment task.

We will then turn our thoughts to the use of fossil fuels – Are they really energy efficient?

In this second part of the Burn the World, we will undertake a scientific exploration of the chemistry around hydrocarbons, particularly using a range of alcohols in combustion reactions to determine which is the best source of energy. Students will showcase their scientific investigations using scientific posters.

This will see us through to Week 7 of Term 1 where we will set our sights on the transformation of energy generation technologies to nuclear form, analysing the benefits and devastating impacts of this technology that we have seen historically.

The Energy Equation team are really excited for this year and already students are reporting high levels of excitement towards what The Energy Equation holds for them this semester!