Truth and Perception

A strange dog walks up to up to you, its mouth open and tail up. Should you pat it? Is it happy or angry? Are you in danger?

Welcome to Truth and Perception for 2024. ​​​We all perceive ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ differently; it can depend on how we understand and react to the inputs. We detect ‘reality’ through our sensory perceptions, we delete information that our brain thinks it doesn’t need, we distort information to create a representation that makes sense to us, then we act on this info based on our current state. We have a choice to either remain ignorant or recognise/confront our own misconceptions and be open to learning about different perceptions.

In Truth and Perception we will examine some of the theories about light, chemical reactions, mathematical proofs, and the purpose of language and images. We will analyse evidence, and recognise bias, across all disciplines, to create ‘truths’ from our perceptions.