Year 12 Formal 2024

Ditching hoodies for suits and evening gowns our Year 12 students celebrated their Formal at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Amongst the highlights of the night were the traditional montage video of baby photos, current photos and images from the students’ time at the ASMS. A special thanks to Formal Committee member Aafreen for their work in editing the images into a beautiful presentation.

Then the night progressed to the humour filled Formal Awards for staff and students, with categories such as ‘Biggest ASMS Nerd’ won by Tomasz, “Most likely to become Prime Minister” won by Sinan and ‘Best Teacher Shoulder to Cry On” won by Sarah Hollinshead. After this, the DJ pushed up the volume and students filled the dance floor.

On the night students demonstrated another side to themselves with many wearing stunning formal wear that reflecting their pride in their cultural heritage, others appeared far more adult than they usually do when wearing jeans and hoodies to school. The array of beautiful outfits and smart suits was a very special sight to behold.

Our students impressed staff from Events Photography and the Adelaide Convention Centre with their impeccable behaviour. The Formal Committee of Holly, Chelsea, Charlie, Aafreen, Venika and Erika have our thanks for their contribution to the planning of the Formal.