Year 12 Indigenous Health Folio Task

The most recent assessment for Stage 2 Health was an Indigenous health task. Students researched and gathered artefacts about this important and complex issue. We visited Colebrook Reconciliation Park and heard first hand from people who had been taken from their families to become the Stolen Generation. This was highly impactful and memorable. We also took a deep dive into the artwork at the Flinders University Museum of Art. Students analysed prepared artwork to gather insights into their stories and history. An impactful comment from an ASMS student was:

“I used to think that Indigenous health was a subject that only impacted the government and indigenous communities– that it was incredibly saddening but not my problem. I’m proud to say that I now know better and that I will do better. In such a situation as seen with the treatment of Indigenous Australians, I would feel isolated and filled with hatred to be stripped of my human rights and taken from my family and country. This has an indescribable impact on not just our country’s history, but on the mental, physical and societal health of our longest-living culture and its people. I refuse to be ignorant of the enormous change that is being made, I will acknowledge my errors and do my best to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart by voting in the referendum.”

Year 12 Health Student