Primary Maths Extension Group


Session 1 – Thursday 30 June, 4pm to 6pm

Does a knowledge of mathematics help us appreciate the beauty in Art and Music?  

Participants will be guided by our students and staff to develop an inquiry question and present their learning on a digital poster. Teachers, students, and parents will receive useful resources.

Session 2 – Thursday 11 August, 4pm to 6pm

ASMS staff and students will work with participants on the development of their poster. Teachers and parents will gain insight into how student agency in problem-based learning can extend students understanding of mathematics.

Poster due – Thursday 25 August

Your Digital Poster should be uploaded by Thursday 25 August to allow enough time for printing, prior to the International Science Fair expo. PDF files are preferred; however, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, tiff, and jpg files can be used.

Session 3 – Thursday 8 September, 1.30pm to 3.15pm

Participants showcase their work, celebrate their achievements, and receive their certificate during our International Science Fair Expo.

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