Parent Portal

The ASMS Portal enables students, teachers and parents to access a variety of information and resources through the internet. Parents are able to read the school news, view the school calendar and access information about their child including their timetable, assignments and attendance.

Every effort is made to accurately record attendance data. Please contact your child’s Learning Studies Group teacher if you have any questions.

This guide will get you started in accessing the portal, but please take time to look around the portal to see what is available. You may find that not all screens are fully functional but as the site continues to be developed and improved more features will become available.

Please note, the video below is due to be updated as the portal component has been upgraded.

Accessing the Portal

Go to the ASMS Portal Logon Page

Log In with the username and password provided followed by

If you ever forget your password you will be able to reset it using the Forgot my password link on the Portal login screen or by contacting the school on +61 8 8201 5686.

The tiles on home screen can be used to view the different sections of the portal.

Your Child’s Information

The My Child section of the portal provides you with access to information about your child. 

Calendar or This Week

These tabs will show your child’s Subject Timetable and teachers for the current day.


This tab shows details of when your child has been absent from a class and the reason, if known. If you have any concerns about this please contact your child’s Learning Studies Teacher.


This tab shows your child’s current and completed assignments, including the name of the assignment and the due date. When an assignment has been finalised you can see the assignment mark.

Student Documents

This tabs will contain end of semester reports and any other documents about your child’s learning.

My Account

This tab will allow you to verify the contact information we have recorded about you.

Other areas of the Portal


School news is displayed on the portal home page. This is used to promote a range of opportunities students have at the ASMS.

This  includes a range of information initiated by staff and students. It includes:

These display key events and activities that are happening in the school and scheduled assessment tasks.

If you would like further information about any event please contact your child’s Learning Studies Group teacher.

my Classes

This area provides access to the virtual classrooms used by teachers and students. The virtual classrooms have learning resources such as information about tasks and documents used by students and links to internet resources.

If you would like further information about a virtual classroom please contact your child’s subject teacher or Learning Studies Group Teacher.

Portal Security

Each person has their own login and password to access the portal. To ensure the integrity of the system please do not disclose your login or password to anyone else. Passwords will need to be reset regularly, you will be prompted when this needs to occur.

Passwords are case sensitive and should contain a combination of numbers, letters, upper and lower case and be at least 8 characters in length.

Additional Support

If you need any help in accessing the portal please contact your child’s Learning Studies Group teacher. They regularly access the portal and in most cases will be able to assist you.

Our technical staff may be able to assist if the Learning Studies Group teacher cannot. Learning Studies Group teachers will log calls with ICT staff in this instance. Calls logged with our ICT staff should be answered within 2 business days.

Please be aware that some problems may be related to your computer or service provider and we may be unable to assist in these circumstances.

Please ensure that any computer you are using to access the ASMS Portal has its date, time and timezone configured correctly for your current location. If this is not set correctly you will not be able to login to the system as your computer will not be able to create the secure connection that is required.