Annual Teachers & Student Debate

The stage was all set in the last week of Term 2 for the annual ‘Great Debate’. This is an event which brings together our fantastic student and teaching teams for a debate in front of the entire ASMS cohort.

The hot topic of the day was “Garfield should be removed from John’s home for animal cruelty”, a statement that was sure to spark an entertaining discussion!

After a Welcome to Country, the debate kicked off, chaired by one of our current debate team captains, Ella, with other captain Zanny and Jackson rounding out the affirmative student team. In the teachers corner, we had Jake, Tim, and Kyran representing the negative team.

The Learning Studies audience was enthralled by the efforts of both parties, but after some very persuasive arguments from the negative team, the student cohort voted with a show of hands in favour of the teachers.

Well done to both teams, not only was it a great display of collaboration from everyone involved, it was also the perfect opportunity to inspire the students in the audience to give debating a try!