ASMS Student Speaks at Anzac Eve Vigil

We are extremely proud of our student, Jasmine, who recently spoke at the youth Anzac Day eve vigil at the North Terrace National War Memorial.

Jasmine was asked to speak in front of other young volunteers from the SES and Army Cadets as she was awarded the Premier’s Anzac Spirit School Prize in 2020 for a piece on her great grandfather, who served in the Pacific during WWII.

Jasmine was interviewed by the The Advertiser about the impact the research had on her knowledge of historic events as well as the importance of continuing the Anzacs legacy.

“The Anzacs are a group of strong and determined individuals, and the resilience and sacrifice that they show is just something that is so unbelievable (and) something that we can really aspire to,” she said.

“The last line of the ode is ‘we will remember them’ and it encourages the continuation of their legacy a bit more than ‘lest we forget’.” 

Read the full article in The Advertiser.

ASMS student, Jasmine and South Australian Premier, Peter Malinauskas.