ASMS Competes in Debating SA

This year, our school had the honour of entering two formidable teams in the Debating SA competition who represented us exceptionally well in the first round, held at Adelaide High School on 17 May.

The topic was whether we should amend the Australian Constitution to provide an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Our first team was assigned the affirmative position and pitted their wits against Trinity College. They articulated their points with conviction and clarity, emerging victorious from the battle of words.

Later in the evening, our second team argued the negative position against St Colomba College. Despite their compelling arguments, they were narrowly defeated by the smallest of margins – one point.

We are especially proud that four out of our six debaters were first-time participants. Their performances were exceptional, and they exemplified the true spirit of competitive debating.

One particular stand-out from the evening was Sam T. Despite it being his debut, Sam earned the prestigious “Debater of the Evening” award. His tenacity and skill are sure only to improve with experience and practice.

Looking ahead, our teams are preparing diligently for the next debate slated for 9 June. The topic will be whether Australia should introduce a Universal Basic Income scheme. Good luck ASMS!