ASMS Partnership with Tonsley Technical College

It has been announced that the Australian Science and Mathematics School is to be the partner school for the Tonsley Technical College which aims to host students by 2025.

“As each of these important technical colleges takes shape, we are creating carefully tailored links between education, business and industry to strengthen student pathways from school to employment. ASMS is in close proximity to the exciting Tonsley precinct and is unzoned so provides an option for all students no matter where they are located. Each technical college will be working in key industry areas with industry engagement and consultation currently being undertaken to determine the precise focus for Tonsley.”

Education Minister, Blair Boyer

“By partnering with the Tonsley Technical College, ASMS will broaden its offering to include vocational pathways as well as university pathways. Currently we have about 385 students attend the school each year, with about 95 per cent of those going on to tertiary study – this relationship with provide career pathways for an even more diverse group of students.”

ASMS principal, Kylie Eggers

We are excited to be able to provide a wider range of opportunities and pathways for our future ASMS students.