ASMS Students Tour Tonsley

Throughout Field Trip week, our students had the privilege of attending a range of presentations and tours at the Tonsley Innovation District.

It all started at BAE systems where our students were lucky to receive a tour of Line Zero, where they got to see Spot the robotic dog and learned about how HoloLens technology is being used.

For the Chaos and Constants excursion, the ASMS group participated in a STEM activity to explore how constants can arise from random events as well as how predictable equations can also lead to chaos.

At the same time, our other group were attending the Micro-X presentation, which was all about the 100+ year history of X-ray imaging where they were also treated to a presentation by researcher Kenneth Pope, entitled “Investigating the brain”.

Then in a three part workshop, our students took on the FlinBIT Arduino Challenge at Tonsley. This required them to extend their learning from Dream Design Develops to connect with the programming skills to construct an Arduino-compatible shield with Wi-Fi capability and basic sensors. After that they had the option to add more sensors and then use it to solve a coding challenge.

All in all, these excursions were a fantastic chance for our students to liaise with local industry and get some career inspiration for the future.