Camborne International Study Tour

In Weeks 2 and 3 of Term 2 the ASMS sent 6 of our Year 10 and 11 students to Cornwall, England to participate in the Camborne Science & International Symposium of Science event.

Departing Adelaide on Friday May 3 for Dublin, Ireland our group spent the cultural element of their overseas experience visiting historic castles, monuments and cruising the River Liffey, and learning about historic Dublin.

 Arriving in Cornwall to start a week of collaboration and sharing of knowledge with our English, Japanese, Thai and Singaporean colleagues the group had the opportunity to,

“Experience life outside of Australia, try different cuisines and experience a life (homestay) completely different to your own and understand how the English school system is different to ours in Australia which was really interesting.

We were involved in many different activities during the week, learning from our international counterparts about different approaches to learning, participating in cultural excursions, presenting our own research and even joining in on a PE class on our last day before leaving to return to Adelaide.

The advice we’d give to any of our fellow ASMS students thinking of participating in an overseas experience is,

“It ends up being so worth it, you will have heaps of fun, the homestay families are so nice, it’s a very new experience and it takes some time getting used to it but it is so worth every moment. Please go…”.

Bolek, ASMS Student