Class of 2021 Presentation Night

Congratulations to our graduating Year 12 Class of 2021, who received their certificates of ASMS Graduate Capabilities at the Capri Theatre on the November 24.

Lisa Pope opened the evening with an introductory address, and Principal Jayne Heath gave a welcome speech to commence the proceedings. Dr Andy Stone was the guest speaker for the night, and it was also an honour to welcome Paul Rosenzweig, who presented several awards to those who received outstanding achievements including our Citizenship Award and Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Awards.

The audience was treated to a musical performance of the song No Matter Where You Are by Us the Duo from two of our talented graduates, and there was also an address by the valedictorians who surprised our departing Principal Jayne Heath with her very own graduation certificate.

A special thank you goes out to all the ASMS teachers for the support they provided to our year 12 students throughout the year, and to the staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to coordinate, organise and present at this event.

We are so incredibly proud of everything that these graduates have achieved throughout their time at ASMS, and send our best wishes to our Class of 2021 for the future!