Diwali Celebration

It was a joyous afternoon at the ASMS, as our cohort enjoyed a Multi-Cultural Day in celebration of Diwali as organised by our students and staff.‚ÄČ

This festival symbolises the triumph of knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and light over darkness. Our students organised and cooked South Asian dishes such as Biryani, Samosas, Gol Gappa or Pani Puri, and Gulab Jamun, East Asian meals of Adobo, Kimchi, and Mie Goreng, and Middle Eastern delights such as Loobia Polo and Baklava. Our committee also organised a henna tattoo station and created beautiful rangoli in chalk in front of the school.

This was truly a wonderful celebration, and we are so proud of our students for taking the initiative to raise money for our Service Club, who will donate the profits to our World Vision child sponsorship.