Flight Training Takes Off!

The Aviation class had the privilege to participate in the annual flight training day under the supervision of the Murray Bridge Flying School. Here the students had the option to experience flight training from the control seat or simply take a short scenic flight around the Murray Bridge local area.

For some students this was the first time in a light aeroplane (Cessna 172 & Piper Cherokee), and for others it was a continuation of their flight training experience. We were blessed with blue skies and light winds on this day. Luke Celigoj (CASA approved commercial pilot & flight instructor) and I had the privilege of instructing the class on how to pre-flight, taxi, take-off and operate for air work (training) in the skies above Mannum and the Langhorne Creek airspace.

The class had a wonderful day and each of them now has a good understanding of what is required to obtain a recreational or professional pilots license if they wish to pursue a career in the aviation industry.

ASMS Stage 2 Aviation Flight Training Day – March 31, 2021

David Yanni – Aviation Studies Teacher