ISF Day 1 Newsletter

Today marks the first day of the ASMS International Science Fair Week of 2022! In attendance were very special guests including the Minister for Education, Training & Skills, Blair Boyer. ASMS Principal Kylie Eggers, proudly welcomed everyone to the fun week ahead, encouraging all to learn and collaborate with each other and take away something special from the week. Kicking off with a fantastic assembly hosted by ASMS ambassadors, Riley, Jan and Sophia, the school welcomed our guests who came from a range of different like-minded schools locally, nationally and internationally.

ASMS is proud of the inclusivity of cultures and collaboration within our international communities. We are excited for the involvement of these spectacular schools as we will learn from each other and share this exciting experience. We have welcomed Ritsumeikan High School (Japan), QASMT/Queensland, Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology, Burra Community School, Whyalla Secondary College and Roxby Downs Area School, and Fort Richmond College Canada, Global Science Campus Hiroshima, Mahidol Wittayanusorn Bangkok, and NUS High School of Math & Science Singapore that are participating in an online meeting through Microsoft Teams.

The students of the ASMS had a range of Challenge Based Learning Activities in which activities they will be participating in throughout the week. These options include Indigenous art, Artificial Intelligence, Astronomy, Biomedical Engineering, Choose Your Own Adventure, Eco Regen, Forensic Science, Future of Flight and the Media Team.

Today the students participating in Indigenous Art took a small excursion up to the Flinders main campus to view the art on on display at FUMA, while the Eco Regeneration team experienced a workshop about First Nations land practises and had the opportunity to cook damper in groups over a campfire. It was a wonderful start to our Science Fair, and we cannot wait to continue tomorrow.