Meet our Pre-Service Teachers

This term, we’re excited to welcome 11 pre-service teachers to our school:

Meet our 11 pre-service teachers this term at the ASMS.

Morgan Gomer
Hey, my name’s Morgan! My passions include environmental activism and facilitating student advocacy/empowerment (with a little bit of pop culture thrown into the mix). I believe that STEM engagement is crucial for the students of today and am excited to teach at the ASMS alongside Maryann Doolette (Stage 2 Chemistry) and Kyran Zippel (Communication Systems).

Lachlan Loader
G’day, my name is Lachlan! An ex-geophysicist, my passions include environmental sustainability, land management and applied physics. I’m an avid archer and watch enthusiast, who loves to travel and explore our country and its diverse communities. I am excited to help students find a passion for communication and respect for our natural resources, teaching in both Communication Systems and Earth Systems.

Lachy Tyler-Dowd
I’m Lachy, a final year education student from Flinders University. I’m majoring in physics and chemistry as part of an education/science double degree, so this teaching placement at ASMS is a bit of a dream come true. I’m teaching with Simon Illingworth for Body in Question where I’m facilitating exercise science, as well as Savin Sandhu for both Learning Studies and Stage 2 Physics with Alix Verdon.

Andrew Monks
Howdy! I’m Andrew. I’m an avid sports fan and love my footy, basketball and cricket. I’m a final year education student from Flinders majoring in English as well as minoring both Geography & Earth Science. I’m lucky enough to be guided by mentor Michael Kegel in BiQ (Body in Question) and will touch on Stage 2 English with Jesse Atkinson further into Term 2.

Cerys Butler
Salutations! My name is Cerys Butler, and I am extremely passionate about wellbeing and inclusion. As a future educator, I hope to positively encourage and support students within learning and promote a fun, safe and inclusive environment. I love spending time with friends and family and eating Italian food! I am beyond excited to be continuing my teaching journey with the ASMS, with mentors Jesse Atkinson (CommSys) and Alicia Coleman (Psychology Stage 2), as well as all the teachers, staff and students.

Vanessa Bishop
Hello everyone, my name is Vanessa and I am currently undertaking my final year placement for my Master of Teaching. I have completed a Bachelor of Science, specialising in Molecular Bioscience and Microbiology, and I have a passion for Biology and middle years science. I have a young family, enjoy spending my time at the beach (Sellicks and Silver Sands!!) and love a good David Attenborough documentary. ASMS is a truly amazing community and I’m looking forward to working in Communication Systems classes with Lisa Pope & Kylie Minge and working with Cat Stone & Amber Tomas in Learning Studies Group 22.

Paige Jones.
Hiya! My name is Paige and I am super excited to have this opportunity to undertake my placement at the ASMS. I am an aerialist/circus performer, I love to read, and I love traveling especially overseas. I look forward to working with David C in his Year 12 Modern History class, and aiding the students in Jake’s Year 12 English class!

Rui Lau
Hello! My name is Rui and I am undertaking my placement at the ASMS as a final year Education student from the University of Adelaide with a focus on Maths and Physics. I am a part time swimming instructor and have a huge passion for powerlifting. I am lucky to be mentored by Andrew Stone and Amanda Brooks as I spend my time observing and teaching in The Energy Equation (TEE).

Hello Parents and Guardians, I’m Prithi. I am truly thrilled to be here at ASMS. I’m in the midst of completing my final placement of my Masters in Teaching High school course. I completed an Honours in Microbiology and Immunology with the University of Adelaide and bring with me a wealth of real life experiences! I have worked with Melanoma, Dengue, HFMD (Hand-foot and mouth disease) and Brain hemorrhage. I look forward to bringing these real life experiences that I got from scientific research into the classroom for my amazing and fun students. I am working along-side Sophie in BiQ, Learning Studies and Year 12 Biology. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your child’s educational journey.

Shaimma Dosky
Hello my name is Shaimma I am really excited to start my placement at ASMS. I am passionate about personal growth and uplifting others. My teaching areas are English and History. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and cooking. I am super excited to start teaching alongside David (History), Daisy (TEE) and Ben (TEE).

Hello there! My name is Bradley and I am a pre-service teacher from Flinders University. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science/Master of Teaching degree, with a double major in Physics/Chemistry and a minor in mathematics. I am an avid cricket enthusiast, involved in both playing and coaching at my local club. I also enjoy playing video games in my spare time. During my time at the ASMS, I will be working with Maryann in The Energy Equation, Jules in Year 12 Maths and Alix and Savin in Year 12 Physics.