Nuclear Powered Submarine Propulsion Challenge Win

Our group of students and staff from the Australian Science & Mathematics School have just returned from their expedition to Western Australia, after winning the senior category of the Nuclear Powered Submarine Propulsion Challenge.

Winners Ned and Tate along with students Olliver, Erika, and Chloe experienced a 3-day trip to WA, starting at the HMAS Stirling Navy Base at Garden Island, just off the coast of Perth. They got to witness and participate in a range of safety and survival demonstrations and had the chance to work together on some exciting team building exercises. They also visited the HMAS Leeuwin Barracks, HMAS Perth, and had the opportunity to learn how to drive a frigate.

Thank you to the Department of Defence & the STEM Hub for hosting our group, and congratulations to our students for their well-deserved win.