Primary Maths Extension Group 2023

On Thursday in Week 9, the ASMS witnessed an incredible display of mathematical prowess as over 100 enthusiastic primary school students participated in the Primary Maths Extension Group (PMEG) activities under the theme: “the greatest mathematical discoveries”.

The ASMS student volunteers, who had been diligently preparing for this occasion, showcased their knowledge and passion for mathematics by creating and presenting engaging workshops and activities to a group of primary students. Their dedication and effort were evident in the interactive sessions that they ran, which captivated these young mathematical minds. Looking ahead, the next PMEG event is already in the pipeline for August. This time, participants will embark on an exciting journey to explore their chosen fields of mathematics through the creation of digital posters. The upcoming event will encourage students to delve deeper into the realms of their mathematical interests.

The school community extends its gratitude to the ASMS students, and all the teachers and staff members who contributed to the success of the PMEG event.

Adnan Abu-ajamieh

Numeracy Development and Learner Agency Coordinator