Body in Question

The dynamic complexities of the human body from a number of perspectives

Body in Question explores the dynamic complexities of the human body, and is a powerful combination of health, anatomy, physiology, physics, immunology, psychology, mathematics, language, and literacy.

Students examine the nature of health and disease from the physiological, mental, social, emotional, and immunological aspects and investigate the role of physics in describing and explaining movement of the human body.

Why explore Body in Question?

  • Understand the complex systems of our bodies so that you feel empowered to make informed decisions about your life and health.
  • Learn that mathematical analysis of data and statistics is how many decisions are made about our community health.
  • It’s always good to be in the driver’s seat. You can exercise agency to dive deep into a ‘body health’ topic of your choice and showcase evidence of your learning in your own personal unique ways.

Key concepts

Beautiful, Brilliant Bodies

Examine different perceptions on body ‘beauty’, understand the lives of people with disability, explore how we manage and promote community health, and examine the data of health screening.

Body as a Machine

Apply the laws of physics to explain how the body is like a machine – how our anatomy allows us to move and balance so we can maximise our efficiency and prevent injury.

Going Viral

Explore the nature of infectious human disease through the lenses of science, mathematics and language. Examine the causes and impacts of infectious disease, and how we can keep ourselves and our communities safe.

Your Choice


Explore the science behind human emotions and how we can influence our own psychological health.

Exercise Science

Understand the musculoskeletal, respiratory, and circulatory systems to help us establish and maintain physical wellness.


Study aspects of biochemical nutrition, dietary requirements, and the human digestive system to promote physical wellness.

Reproductive and Sexual Health

Explore how these are influenced by both nature, family, friends, and culture.

Student-Led Passion

Dive deep into a topic of your choice -microbiology, medical nano-bots, prosthetic AI devices, anything that ignites your passion!