Communication Systems

Communication Systems explores electronic, biochemical, digital and language-based communication, and is a powerful combination of electronics, mathematics, English, biochemistry and psychology.

Our capacity to use diverse forms of communication to interact with the world around us is what makes us unique as a species. In this course, students delve into how humans interpret, change, adapt, transform and control communication systems.

Why explore Communication Systems?

  • In an age of instantaneous communication, being a skilled and nuanced communicator is an essential skill.
  • Understand the complex blend of chemical and nerve based communication that occurs within living organisms.
  • In an electronic world, having knowledge and skills of Communication Systems allows individuals to have control and create their own pathways.

Key Concepts

Communicating with Drama

Explore how words on a page can come intensely alive in various forms of live performance. Our key area of focus is within the context of the Shakespearean, Macbeth, and how some themes, ideas and messages are still relevant to our modern lives.

Communicating Electronically

Design, build and analyse practical circuits using basic electronic components, and learn about the underlying physics and mathematics that allow electronic communication systems to function.

Biochemical Communication

Take a deep dive into the world of hormones and explore adrenal responses using virtual reality (VR).

Communicating Science

Craft a compelling and informative video story about a topic relating to Communications Systems. It could be real, science fiction or speculation about what may be developed in the future.