Order from Chaos

Examine both order and chaos within human society and the natural world, through a powerful combination of politics, English, mathematical sequences, and complex systems.

Humanity seeks, uses and creates order in the form of systems and patterns to function in a seemingly chaotic universe. In Order from Chaos, students examine social order, governance and politics, the mathematics behind nature’s patterns, and specific examples of complex systems.

Why explore Order from Chaos?

  • To understand how persuasion and statistics are used in political systems to create order (or chaos).
  • To model, describe and understand patterns from the natural world.
  • To find out the impacts of our improving understanding ,control and prediction of complex systems.

Key Concepts

Divisive or Decisive

Explore social order and governance with a focus on political systems and persuasion. Develop and analyse your own persuasive speeches and explore the role statistics plays in influencing voter behaviour.

Perspectives and Patterns

Examine the natural world utilising mathematical sequences and series to describe, analyse and artistically emulate the patterns seen in nature.

Chaos, Made to Order

Investigate complex systems in the modern world, how resistant they are to chaos, and how machines are increasingly learning to control them.