Sustainable Futures

Explore possible futures for Earth through a powerful combination of mathematics, history, environmental science, biology, chemistry, language and literacy.

In Sustainable Futures students explore the myriad of possibilities for the future of humanity and the planet, drawing on contemporary data, modelling, issues and innovations as a prompt for thinking. Students explore possible futures from a number of perspectives (environmental, social, economic, cultural, geographic) and consider how creativity, information and technology can bring about a more sustainable future.

Why explore Sustainable Futures?

  • To predict, describe and influence our futures.
  • To explore contemporary issues and phenomena related to sustainability.
  • To consider how our individual and collective behaviours impact sustainability locally and globally.

Key Concepts

Creating the Future

Explore questions like: What might the future look like? What could the impacts of unsustainable practices be? What could the future look like if we changed our behaviour? How could science impact the future?

The Power of Us

Explore activism and the history of the environmental movement in Australia. Year 11s have the option to research the Great Barrier Reef.

Earth Summit

Explore the role of the United Nations and Australia’s role in global responses to sustainability. How are Indigenous perspectives represented in national and global forums?

Oceans Alive

With a focus on the Great Barrier Reef, explore the impacts of phenomena like climate change, ocean acidification and coastal development / land-based run-off on the reef.