The Energy Equation

The Energy Equation engages students with a hands-on approach to the exploration of energy; where we source our energy needs from, the efficiency of these sources, and the approaches we use to harness it for our energy needs. It’s a powerful combination of history, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and English.

As our energy demands increase and our awareness of the environmental and ethical impact of our choices grows, the need for renewable and efficient sources of fuel becomes pivotal in the sustainability of our life here on Earth. Students will grapple with the local, national and global implications of decisions made in the pursuit of energy as they ask themselves ‘how do we balance the Energy Equation?’

Why explore The Energy Equation?

  • To explore the past, present and future sources of energy and their associated drivers, benefits and drawbacks.
  • To develop critical and creative thinking skills across a variety of local, national and international scenarios
  • To explore how attitudes and ethics related to energy use have changed over time.

Key Concepts

Burn the world

Explore the combustion of different types of carbon-based fuels for energy and their applications in society, including petroleum refineries and steam turbines. Analyse energy efficiency and types of energy in medieval siege weapons such as a trebuchet. 

Fuel the future

Conduct a collaborative inquiry into the science of a particular energy type, or come up with an engineering solution related to energy.

Set fire to the sky

Explore the historical significance of nuclear energy, from creation to destruction, unravelling the mysteries of the atom and its nucleus.